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In today's business everybody is facing a lot of difficulty in marketing their products or services. This situation arises as the people don't know how to target their marketing campaign. Many of the people in today's business don't know about the different methods which are used in marketing field. If the people know how to market their products or services to the right clients then it is guaranteed that their business will expand to a larger extent. It's not enough correct marketing technique should be used. But how this can be done? The answer is "targeted business list".

If anybody uses general methods in marketing, it might not be that effective and their offer might get rejected even though reaching the client from respected business field. This situation might appear many a time because the client's employee strength, revenue etc may not satisfy the marketing person.

This situation can be overcome by targeting the clients according to marketer's requirement. We can target our clients according to their employee strength, revenue, title etc. by this method we are narrowing down our targeted clients for marketing purposes. This method saves the time dealing with the ineligible client and thereby reducing the investment involved in the marketing campaign.

eFocusData is the world's leader in providing the "targeted business lists" for this effective marketing technique. We have hundreds of satisfied clients from different countries those who approach us for the "targeted business lists". We have millions of records from different fields of business with different categories. Our records contain contact information of targeted clients from many of the world's major countries.

Popular List

You can acquire a wide range of pre-packaged email contact database from various industries and SIC codes. These data files are updated once in every 60 days and will enhance your market reach.

Some of our popular lists include:

Education Industry Executives data file
Automotive Industry Executives data file
Healthcare, Pharmacy & Biotech Industry Executives data file
Manufacturing Industry Executives data file
Printing and Publishing Industry Executives data file
Media Industry Executives data file
Advertising Industry Executives data file
Transportation Industry Executives data file
Real Estate Industry Executives data file
Telecom Industry Executives data file
Retail Industry Executives data file

Our list includes:

First Name • Last Name • Company • Title • Phone Number • Address • Email • Fax Number • Zipcode • Country • Revenue • Employee size

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