Technology Users Mailing List

The one thing which could be termed as backbone of every man's life is "technology". Technology has been the most important thing which is relied by a common man, an engineer, a doctor a business person etc. Different persons from different field rely on different technologies in their day today life.

This situation should be used by technology vendors to expand their market reaching their targeted costumers of their respected technology. Technology user lists is one way to reach the target customers for the expansion any organizations market.

eFocusData will provide world's best B2B technology email Lists, Business technology Databases, Technology users mail lists. eFocusData is the leader in providing many of technology user lists. We have assisted many organizations to expand their market by providing them the user contact information of their respected technology like First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Phone No, Fax No, and Address, email ids, Country, Zip code etc. eFocusData has many satisfied clients from different parts of the world.

We have a huge database of different technology containing lakhs of records in many technology which gives the contact information of the users using those technologies. These records are updated periodically and also new entries are made into the records as and when we found the new users and new technologies. eFocusData has a list of many of the world's leading brands and the technology they provide and their customer's information.

Our list includes:

First Name • Last Name • Company • Title • Phone Number • Address • Email • Fax Number • Zipcode • Country • Revenue • Employee size

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